About Us


Ankur is a specialty facility focused on addressing fertility and conception-related issues in couples planning a family. One of India’s best-known names in quality healthcare, and a name recognized for affordable, high quality medical services. Present in Bengaluru and Mangalore, we offer services in Andrology, Reproductive Medicine and Men’s Sexual Health.

We take a comprehensive approach to treating infertility and our efforts are backed by a team of highly accomplished experts with years of experience. This coupled with modern techniques and state-of- the-art technology work to maximize the chances of success in Assisted Reproductive Techniques. 

We pursue a vision of enabling childless couples realize the joy of parenthood and are committed to pushing the limits of innovation helping them achieve their dream.

YEAR 2000 -

DIANA started by Dr. Vasan SS as a center for Andrology & Neurourology

YEAR 2004 -

Reproductive Medicine started at DIANA

YEAR 2008 -

DIANA rebranded to Ankur. Started Clinical studies Men’s health as a concept. A first in the country. First Centre to offer total solutions for male and female infertility

YEAR 2012 - Ankur expands out of Bangalore. Ongole centre commissioned. Aspiration cast to expand Ankur pan India
YEAR 2013 - Manipal partners with Ankur. Venture rebranded to ManipalAnkur, chain of fertility hospitals exclusive to this service within Manipal group.
YEAR 2014 - First centre to be audited for Quality by KK Hospital Singapore and Accredited by Indian society for Assisted Reproduction
YEAR 2015 - Ankur wins National Healthcare Achievers Award 2015 For Best Infertility & IVF Centre and Winner of Prestigious National Business & Service Achievers Award
YEAR 2016 - Ankur rebranded to Manipal Fertilty. A single specialty chain of infertility hospitals focussing on comprehensive female and male infertility treatment
1 - First centre in India to offer total solutions for male and female infertility
2 - Advanced centre for sperm retrieval, poor sperm count or absent counts
3 - First centre in the country to have advanced testing for fertilization ability
4 - Unique facility for testicular tissue, sperm, egg, embryo cryofreezing
5 - First center in the country to offer non invasive innovative shockwave therapy for treating erectile dysfunction Pregnancy rates higher than International standards
6 - First centre to be audited for Quality by KK Hospital Singapore, Sydney IVF Australia periodically
7 - Accredited by Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR)