Patients Speak


Mr. & Mrs. Rao (name Changed) (Bengaluru)

I was referred here by a doctor from Chennai who has been treating my son. I was also told that he, Dr. vasan was one of PAN India's best doctors. The other one being in Mumbai, we choose Bangalore for the proximity. Never regretted the decision. Doctor was friendly might be from the staut, made no false promises or chance less hopes.

Mr. And Mrs. Anandakumar (name Changed) (Salem)

Those days, the feeling of loneliness in hell drowned us.Feeling lost was a game we won each & every time.Laughter was noisy as simple talks were disturbing.Everything was dark like a journey without a route map.Always with a feeling of sadness & failure, we tried our luck with many Hospitals who marketed sharp dreams to end up with blunt results

Mrs And Mr Anthony (name Changed) (Salem)

Since our married life of two and half years we have been trying to conceive without success. Almost all doctors referrred us to Manipal Fertility and that was really helpful as we have been blessed with a child with their treatment and advice. Thanks Manipal Fertility.

Mr. And Mrs. Ramachandran (Salem)

Last year (2015) on the same day (previous day of diwali festival), you have given the confirmation of Vaishnav Krishna (our Son) coming to the world and we remember what happened on the same day of last year. We came to the hospital in two wheeler and it was raining heavily. When suseela was in scanning room, i prayed all the Gods for positive result. Then you came out and confirmed the pregnancy. At that time, i did not have words to explain my happiness. This year (2016), we celebrate diwali with our son Vaishav Krishna. you people only are responsible for this. Doctors, we do not have words to express our gratitude to you for this moment. You're only responsible to this 2016 great diwali in our life.

Mr. And Mrs. Sreedhar (name Changed) (Ongole)

Hospital ambience is excellent. Response of the staff is very good. The doctor attends to each and every problem of the patient and the care and treatment is too good compared to any other hospital. Tests are conducted perfectly and right treatment is given. Totally satisfied with Manipal Fertility.

Mr And Mrs Johnson (name Changed) (Ongole)

I have been trying to conceive for the past five years, without success. My gynaecologist referred me to Manipal Fertility for consultation. After a successful IVF, I am blessed with a baby.

Mr. And Mrs. Jayaram (name Changed) (Mangalore)

Manipal Fertility is the next birth for parents with infertility problems. Good treatment and caring team. Best wishes and grateful thanks to Manipal Fertility

Mrs And Mr Khan (name Changed) (Mangalore)

THANK YOU SO MUCH. These words are not enough to express our appreciation. Having lost our hopes after repeated failure and treatments, we approached Manipal Fertility as our final hope.

Mr And Mrs Khatri (Bengaluru)

सेवा में, शरीमान मैनेजर साहब, सोनी मणिपाल, अंकर, विदयाधर नगर, सेकटर-5, मेन सीकर रोड, जयपर महोदय, मैंने आपके यहां से IVF/ ISCI करवाया है, जिससे कि म और मेरी Wife को संतान परापत हई है। अभी वो परेगनेंट है और 3 तीन बचचे हैं। 8 Week के सभी सकशल हैं। म�े यहां के डाॅकटर साहिबा डाॅ. शिखा जी के दवारा Treatment मिला, जिससे कि हम संतषट हैं और मखय बात यहां का सटाफ बेहद अचछा है। इनका वयवहार और कारय कौशल बहत अचछा लगा और Treatment के दौरान इनहोंने हमारा साथ दिया और दिमागी तौर पर विशवास बनाया, जिससे हमें Treatment के दौरान विशवास और भी मजबूत हआ और आखिर में हमें IVF/ ISCI के दवारा संतान परापत हई।